How To Reach Your Fitness Goals In 2015

If losing that excess weight is one of your New Year resolutions then you are in the right place. Lean and Lovely is a fitness program developed by Neghar Fonooni, a writer, health and fitness expert who has worked with women worldwide. It is a rigorous training program that contains brief, comprehensive workouts that are specifically designed for women. Through this program, many women have been able to reclaim their bodies back by losing the excess fat, gaining strength and thus regaining their confidence.

How it works

This is a 12-week exercise program that mainly focuses on strength and weight loss. It is designed to help women not only to discover but also cultivate the strength within them and at the same time increase their bodies’ metabolism & capability to burn fat. The program also contains nutritional guidance on how to come up with a healthy, tasty meal plan that helps you get your desired body. It helps women achieve both their inner and outer radiance without any deprivations, restrictions or long hours in the gym.

Unlike other products, this program does not only focus on fat burning & muscle building, it also teaches women on how to take advantage of the psychological elements that transform their bodies. It teaches on how to concentrate on self love & the mindset thus helping you have a good understanding of the unique demands of your body and efficiently cater them.

The workouts sessions are very brief (take as little as 8 minutes) and they emphasize on the use of appropriate form that not only ensures that they are effective but also prevent injuries during the exercise. It does so by giving detailed instructions on how each exercise is performed via demonstration videos.

Product details

This is a downloadable book that contains information on how to transform and rediscover yourself. The eBook is a complete transformational and fitness kit that contains;

  • A manual key to the 12 week training program
  • Nutritional guidelines on what to eat and when to
  • The sweat sessions containing short, powerful exercises that last for 8 minutes
  • Video exercise database
  • Membership access where you can interact with other women using the program


  • It can be used by women on different fitness levels
  • Enables you to get that sexy body without depriving yourself or spending long hours at the gym
  • It enables you to improve your strength levels & confidence and at the same time enhance your inner & outer radiance
  • It also helps you transform your overall lifestyle and the manner in which you view yourself
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and incase you are not satisfied with the results, you will get full refund
  • It comes with demonstration videos that teaches on how to do the exercises correctly
  • It is a simple program that is very easy to follow
  • It enables you to dramatically improve your mindset and nutrition

Lean and Lovely is a safe and effective program that will positively change your life by helping you understand your needs and how you can cater for them. It has valuable information on nutrition, workouts and many other aspects that help you transform your life inside out. If transforming yourself is part of your new year resolution, you should consider getting this ebook.